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DNS Control  
(config)# no ip domain-lookup prevents the router to run DNS resolution (saves time with typos at CLI level)


Netflow Configuration Models: 800,1000,1600,1720,1800,2500,2600,3600,3725,3825,4711,7200
(config)# ip flow-export source loopback  
(config)# ip flow-export version [#]  
(config)# ip flow-cache timeout active 1  
(config)# ip flow-export destination [ip of netflow collector] 9995  
(config-if)# ip route-cache flow  (for each interface)
(config-if)# ip flow egress  (or for each interface and sub-interface)
(config-if)# ip flow ingress  (or for each interface and sub-interface)
show ip flow export displays general netflow statistics for the data export
show ip cache flow displays detailed netflow statistics


(config)# hostname ROUTER_NAME ROUTER_NAME becomes the new hostname


SNMP Control  
(config)# snmp-server community [string] RO  
(config)# snmp-server community [string] RW  
(config)# no snmp-server community [string] RO  
(config)# no snmp-server community [string] RW  
show snmp displays SNMP statistics


SPAN (Port Monitoring)  
(config)# monitor session 1 source interface [interfaceName] What should be monitored
(config)# monitor session 1 destination interface [interfaceName] What port will deliver the copied packets to the PacketCapture Tool
show monitor session 1 MP Displays the configuration of SPAN Session 1


Terminal Controls  
(config)# terminal editing allows for enhanced editing commands
(config)# terminal monitor changes the format of subnet masks
(config)# terminal ip netmask-format hexadecimal|bit-count|decimal changes the format of subnet masks


(config)# vlan [id] creates the VLAN
(config-vlan)# name GIVE_IT_A_NAME Names the VLAN with GIVE_IT_A_NAME
(config-if)# switchport access vlan [id] assign physical port to the vlan [id] - (Submenu: Interface number)
(config-if)# ip address [IP Address] [Subnet Mask]  
show vlan-switch displays defined vlans and associated ports
show vlans displays configured virtual LANs
show vlan-range  
(config)# no vlan [id] delete VLAN from configuration; "no vlan 10" removes VLAN 10 from the database