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To achieve a certification as Certified Instructor EMEA, you have to pass two main parts

theoretical assessment certification
practical chapter presentation in your local language - For Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA), as I did, you have to run the presentation in English language
What has been covered:

Chapter 1 - Networking Essentials
Chapter 2 -The Appliance
Chapter 3 -Basic Appliance Configuration
Chapter 4 -SMTP Configuration
Chapter 5 -Advanced SMTP Configuration
Chapter 6 -POP3 and FTP Configurations
Chapter 7 -HTTP Configuration
Chapter 8 -Appliance Implementation
Chapter 9 -Appliance Maintenance
Chapter 10 -ePolicy Orchestrator and Reporting
Chapter 11 - Appliance Troubleshooting

Networking Essentials:
Firewall Rules
Internet Communication
Communication Ports,

The Appliance:
Appliance Concept
Appliance Range
Hardware Specifications
RedHat Operating System
Webshield Application

Basic Appliance Configuration:
User interface
Basic Network Configuration
Inside and Outside Networks
Status Screen
AntiVirus Scanning

SMTP Configuration:
What is SMTP Mail
How does an Appliance scan Mail
Mail Delivery Methods
Outbound Email
Inbound Email
Configuring the appliance for SMTP
Configuring the appliance for Anti Relay

Advance SMTP Configuration
Mail processing
Order of processing
Scanning for Viruses
Content Filtering
Attachment Filtering

POP3 and FTP Configuration
POP3 Proxy
FTP Proxy Configuration
FTP Connection Methods
Firewall Rules to ensure scanning
POP3 Proxy Configuration
POP3 Connection Methods
POP3 Client Configuration
POP3 Operation
Typical POP3 Scenarios

HTTP Configuration
Proxy Chain
Filtering Web Site Content
HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1
Proxy versus Transparent
Appliance in Proxy Mode
Appliance in Transparent Mode
Why protect internal web servers

Appliance Implementation
Appliance in classical Proxy Mode
Appliance in transparent bridging Mode
Appliance in transparent routing mode
Appliance in failover solution
Appliance in load balancing mode

Appliance Maintenance
Updating AntiVirus Protection
Software Updates
Importing and Exporting Data
Hardware Issues

ePolicy Orchestrator and Reporting
ePolicy Orchestrator Version
ePolicy Orchestrator Reports
Using ePO Agent
Local Alerting and Reporting

Appliance Troubleshooting
Issues (Appliance, NIC, Logon, Client, Updating)
Connectivity (Test Connectivity, Protocol connectivity, Telnet on different ports, Email with Telnet)
Tools (Route, NSLookup)
Minimum Escalation Requirements