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Packeteer Certified Expert (PCE) is Packeteer's technical certification. With LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 Training, experience and hands-on, I was able to pass this certification exam after 8 weeks of starting with Packeteer.

Especially Level 2 includes advanced installation options, including Frame Relay/ATM, System Variables & Redundancy - Customer Portal, SNMP & API features - Advanced bandwidth allocation & its analysis - How Policies & Partitions affect traffic flows - Use & interpretation of detailed Reports on WAN performance and traffic analysis - Advanced Troubleshooting techniques

  • PacketShaper Overview
  • Installing and Configuring PacketShaper
  • Classifying Network Traffic
  • Gaining Visibility into Network and Application Behavior
  • Controlling Network Traffic
  • Compressing Network Traffic
  • Maintaining PacketShaper
  • Troubleshooting Network Traffic
  • Planning PacketShaper Deployment
  • Implementing PacketShaper Deployments
  • Network Types
  • Classes, Policies & Partitions
  • Bandwidth Allocation & Analysis
  • Advanced Browser Based Reporting
  • Advanced CLI Based Analysis
  • Making Reports Accessible
  • PacketShaper Troubleshooting Techniques